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The functions in this class are only used for load related functionality like loading the SDK itself or other external scripts.


Method returns:

Loads InboxSDK remotely and prepares it to be used. Returns a promise which resolves with the SDK interface (see usage examples under "Structuring Your App") when the SDK is loaded and ready to be used.

versionThe API version of the SDK to use. The recommended value right now is 2.number
appIdThe AppId that you registered for on the AppId Registration page.string
optionsOptional options objectLoadOptions


Method returns:

Loads a remote script into the extension's content script space and evals it. Returns a promise which resolves when the script is finished downloading and eval'ing.

urlThe URL of the remote script to loadstring
optionsOptional options objectLoadScriptOptions


Type, used by: InboxSDK.load()
appNameThe name of your app. This is used by several methods in the SDK.string, default: null
appIconUrlThe URL of the icon of your app. Can be HTTPS or a chrome runtime url.string, default: null
suppressAddonTitleThe name of the Gmail Add-On you want to hide. Use this if you have both an extension and a Gmail Add-On that provide similar functionality.string, default: null


Type, used by: InboxSDK.loadScript()
nowrapThe name of your app. This is used by several methods in the SDK.boolean, default: false